Function detailed solution of hydraulic bar straightening and cutting machine

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Below is a detailed explanation of the correct operation steps of the steel bar straightening machine.

The machine running empty run, check 1 bar straightening machine is stable, the test knife knife is normal.

2, the wire rod is pulled out of one head, and it is made through the manual straightening for 1 meters and through the straightening cylinder, through the traction wheel and through the cylindrical knife.

3, adjust the eccentricity of the straightening wheel in the straightening cylinder to the appropriate position.

4, the air switch of the control cabinet is closed, the length required for the monitor on the display screen is set, and the quantity required on the counter is set. Click the reset button.

5, the operator will be able to work properly after training and learning to master the operation standard.

The characteristics of the straightening and cutting machine of steel bar:

1, electronic control operation, before the work can be set off the batch and quantity of cutting steel, the number of cutting bar at work can be seen at any time. Set the time of turning the knife out of the solenoid valve.

2, use the drop material out of the material rack, the material is smooth and not stuck.

3, double traction feed, faster and lighter.

4. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the maintenance is convenient, and the failure rate is low.

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