Multi-functional ceramic tile cutting machine features:

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1, the whole machine to enhance the steel structure, rigidity is better and more durable. The industrial level 3KW motor is more powerful, the brand original motor (full copper wire) is used, the service life is longer, and the super cutting ability is bigger. 4 imported Swedish bearings, 2 imported oil seals, more stable and durable!

2, the maximum can cut into 1200mm tiles, do straight cut, 45 degree diagonal cutting, chamfering, grinding, grinding straight edge, Kaiping trough, open chute (can also open 4 slip groove) within a 45 degree, 45 degree chamfer, chamfer, Begonia angle processing, to achieve a variety of functions.

3, the worktable is designed with a fast clamping device, which can quickly locate and clamp the floor tiles or marble, and make the cutting stable and reliable. The high-precision guide rail of the professional machine tool (the exclusive cover adopts the stainless steel waterproof design) ensures the cutting accuracy. Cutting machine working platform by casting the two heat treatment process, also after several rough milling and milling process is completed, to ensure that no porosity, high precision, to ensure cutting straight, while not collapsing, offangle, more processing ceramic brick. The vibration analysis of the grinding head of the tank polishing machine shows that the factors affecting the grinding head noise are the width of grinding and the speed of the grinding head of the polishing machine. It can select the suitable grinding width and speed to avoid the attack resonance and control the noise of the polishing machine effectively. The improvement of the grinding width and the speed of the grinding head can make the noise completely disappearing. The real way is very frugal. It is only demand, no brick, and the shape of the cracked brick edge is more and more beautiful. The multifunctional all-in-one has waterproof design to enter the motor, so that the service life of the motor is longer. It can process any grade of polishing brick and stone to become a beautiful ladder and ground - line brick. The consumption process of the machine is fully automatic, the operation is convenient, and the speed of the consumption line can be adjusted at will, and the size of the arc surface can be adjusted at will.

4, marble tile marble tile mosaic is the most common to do, sometimes need to use professional water jet cutting cutting shape.

5, microcrystalline stone surface layer than the general structure, strong stone to close, it is not only in diamond tool consumption increased significantly, but also higher than the stone sawing brittle, prone to defects of edge collapse, this situation is close to and jade. New contacts must pay attention to this feature. In the course of cutting, it is particularly critical to ensure the balance of the machine and minimize the vibration, especially the flank swing of the microcrystalline stone.

1. The desktop cutting machine is used as much as possible so that it is easy to ensure the smooth processing from the mechanical type.

2, if the direct use of portable type marble saws, you must ensure that an operator has enough experience. But the hand-held electric saw is not suitable for the processing of engineering materials and high precision in large area.

3, select the good quality diamond saw blade "self sharpness", the best choice of microcrystalline diamond saw blade.

4, choose good edge materials, recommended using ordinary clay bricks.

5, ensure adequate cooling water consumption, and the water flow should always be dynamically aligned with the cutting front in the change.

6, for a large number of cutting ceramic tiles, as far as possible the use of special cutting machine. If it is one or two, can find a hard alloy electrode with grinding tip, as long as the surface of the ceramic glass glaze tiles can be damaged, broken. If there is a glass cutter, can cut tiles, simple and convenient. Although part of the processing requires relatively high technical requirements, if there is too much concern, you can consult our artificial customer service, which will guide you to use and improve cutting technology in a short time.

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